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Very pleased with the work they performed on my roof! I will most definitely be going to Nick Nichols Construction for all my Gen. Contracting needs. The first roofing company that came out to fix the leak in my roof didn't even do a complete job and they left my aluminum siding a mess, allowing even more water and debris to make a mess of things.

When Jake got here to take a look at what he was up against he took a lot of detailed pictures and let me see exactly what the issues were. I am not a roofer, but he made sure I understood what we needed to do in order to bring our flashing and roof up to code. We have these dormer windows and two chimneys that were flashed incorrectly and had been letting water in since the house was built 15 years ago. There was tar upon tar around some of them to try and "fix" the leaks, but to no avail. Utah received record rain this year and of course the water just poured right through.

We agreed to address all the flashing issues and he put in several diverters. I feel they went above and beyond on everything they addressed. The weekend after they were done was the tell all as we had nonstop rain again, and there were no leaks and the work held through all the wind and rain, and looks like it is here to stay! My siding was put back perfectly (with aluminum siding that is a difficult task) and they also took pictures during the project and after so I was sure to see everything they did and how well they put it back together.

In his proposal he was very detailed in describing and even showing what work he would do and the price stayed true. There were pictures with drawings showing where the problems were and what would remedy them. Even though the work took longer than projected they didn't tack on any extra charges. Which was greatly appreciated! Being new homeowners we didn't expect to have this expense tacked on in the first 6 months, so they get an A+ for price and quality!

"I wanted to write you and thank you for doing such an outstanding construction job on my new barn. By all means, this was not a typical construction project. We encountered all type of obstacles, from pot rock in the foundation, city problems, to the winter weather. In the end though, we got a beautiful building that that we are proud of. I could not be happier with the end results. Your team of construction professionals did an outstanding job. They were always concerned with getting the job done right and pleasing me as the customer. I appreciated that very much. Should I have additional building needs in the future, I will definitely be talking to you first. Thanks again Nick for doing such a great job for us!"

Harry R Weyandt

"We have worked with many contractors over the years as we renovated our previous residence. When we moved to Salt Lake and needed to finish a bathroom, I knew exactly what made an excellent general contractor. I was with Nick for five minutes before I knew he was the guy for us. His team never disappointed me. In fact, they are the best we have ever worked with. Nick was attentive to details, checked on the job site and progress every day, and delivered two weeks ahead of schedule. He stayed to his estimate and gave us ways to save money, ultimately charging us less than initially thought. There is a saying in renovating; the project will take twice the time and twice the money than you initially think it will. Not so with Nick Nichols Construction. I will use them again, and mention them to every friend and family member seeking to do any kind of project. Nick is fair, open, honest, and willing to give you exactly what you want. We couldn't be more thrilled with how things worked out."

Patty Sampson

"Mr. Nichols is in good standing with our credit department. He and his son have been in our office on a consistent basis and have always conducted themselves with professionalism and respect. After working with many contractors, I appreciate the fact that they have both taken the time to research, understand the process, and purchase the correct materials needed to install their jobs to code. This is not only good for us, but it is equally important for the end consumer. As we continue to meet the needs of the customer, we are more than willing and comfortable recommending Nick Nichols for all future jobs."

Jason Maxwell
Roofers Supply Branch Manager

"We hired Nick Nichols Construction after searching for a general contractor to do work on our patio. We needed the lower deck expanded and reinforced to support a large hot tub. We interviewed a few general contractors, but Nick Nichols was by far the most professional, flexible, and responsive candidate. Construction went very well and Nick was always available to answer questions that arose. His communication was clear and timely. Our final cost for the project was within the original bid, and construction was completed on time. His workers were very friendly and extremely helpful. They cleaned up well, did not use any loud radios, and did not smoke on the property. We highly recommend Nick Nichols Construction and will use them again for upcoming projects."

Anna & Mark Lythgoe

"No one wants to have to replace their roof! You have no idea what it is going to cost and it is tiresome listening to the empty promises of typical contractors. After going through the paces with two highly recommended roofing contractors I was really discouraged and overwhelmed at the costs. But then I called Nick. He told me why my roof was failing and gave me an overview of what would need to be done to fix it. He also gave me a breakdown of cost and a schedule. The job is finished now and my roof looks fantastic. I appreciate that Nick is a person who believes in integrity, doing what he says he will, and even sometimes going above and beyond. Save yourself the time, money, and frustration. Call Nick!"

Dean House

"Over the last 4 years, in my capacity of a professional property manager, I have had opportunity to work with Nichols Construction on projects ranging from painting to concrete to roofing, and pretty much everything in between. These jobs have ranged from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. Every job awarded to Nichols, big or small, has received the same careful attention. And on the few occasions when there has been a problem, they have always promptly resolved the concerns and honored their warranty. Most importantly I appreciate their creativity. There have been some challenging projects, for which they have had to come up with ingenious solutions. And they have always come through with flying colors."

Jason Sucher
Principal Broker, Advantage Management & Real Estate

"Patience is a virtue, but in the case of remodeling a 70-year-old structure, it is a necessity. Reconstruction of the historical Avon theater involved obstacles that are not generally encountered in a typical construction project. The Avon had been allowed to fall into disrepair to the extent that the building had been closed for public use and allowed to sit unoccupied for nearly 2 years. Reconstruction involved the complete replacement of the interior floors, ceilings, and walls of the building, including specific electrical systems, all HVAC systems, sound systems and projection systems. In addition to fixing the interior, the fa├žade of the Avon was completely replaced which replacing concrete, windows, doors, and ceramic tile on the front of the building. The patience, knowledge, and organizational skills of Nick Nichols have helped us maintain and achieve the vision we had for this project and it is our pleasure to recommend him. Thank you."

James A Lane
Member, Heber City Theater LLC

"Nick Nichols Construction handled the construction of the upper and lower level log decks attached to my Park City condominium. Nick oversaw every aspect of the project, including electrical work for an outdoor spa and the installation of an air conditioning unit in our condominium. Nick was adept at managing issues such as challenging winter weather and careful ordering of logs and supplies. Because of wise planning on Nick's part, the construction was completed in a very timely manner. Despite living in different states and coordinating this project long-distance; it was a simple process, thanks to Nick's efforts and communication. I had a very positive experience working with him and was especially appreciative of his initiative in completing the project, He was extremely responsive and accommodating and I always felt that he had my best interests in mind. He was honest and did exactly what he said he would do. I will definitely contact him for future projects."

Jane R Newman

"We have had the pleasure of working with Nick Nichols Construction on a playground remodeling project for our school. There were many factors involved with the completion of this project that made it tricky at times. First, we had to remove all the existing structures and prepare the landscape for our new playground. At all times, Nick was considerate of the fact that our business is children and made certain they had safe access to the play area during renovation. Second, we had to meet a deadline only 8 weeks out. The weather was at times a factor, but the workers put in long hours when mother nature was cooperative and even some days when she was not! Nick was always able to provide expertise in a non-demeaning manner. The crew always showed up on time, worked hard, and respected the school staff. I recommend Nick Nichols with sincerity and confidence."

Tamara Thomas
Owner/Director, The Kids Connection

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